Thursday, 5 September 2013

11 Plus Mock Tests – Stepping Stones Towards Scoring GOOD Marks in 11 Plus Exams

11 plus exams are a big nightmare for students of the UK. If your child is also supposed to be giving this paper in the near future, then we are sure that the mental pressure of your child would be too less than the pressure you might be undergoing these days.

Just think of it, is tension and worry a solution to anything?


So, instead of bothering about silly things, better is to devote time in finding a tuition center for your kid. Simply by admitting him or her to a tuition center, you can do your best to do justice with your child’s exam preparation regimen.

Hold on!

Just finding ANY tuition center is not the deal that we are talking about. In fact, your efforts and search will actually be worth-it, only if you will be sparing extra time to filter the promising tuition centers out of the hundreds that are flocking on the internet like anything.

A committed and experienced 11plus tuition center properly schedules the exam preparation course according to the time left for the big day. Moreover, they also conduct weekly 11 plus mock tests to analyze the improvement and weaker areas, of practice, of your child.

So Parents! Just gear up. Your child’s future education is dependent on this important eleven plus exam. Therefore, do your part to find the best coaching institute of your region. Rest, the tutors will take up all the remaining tension and worry.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

2 Weeks Intensive Course for 11 Plus Exams Preparation

In England, 11 Plus Exams are considered the most important exams of a student’s life. Kids in year 6 of
their school undergo this exam in order to become eligible for getting admission in a good grammar school. As the pupils of age 10 or 11 appear for this exam, this is why; it is known as eleven plus exam.

If your child is due to undergo this paper in the nearby future, then you should right now begin looking for 11 plus tuition centres in your city. To find those, you can take assistance of the World Wide Web. Different course that can be opted are –

  • Foundation Course – It is of nine or ten month duration and begins quite early than the actual exam date.
  • Intensive Course – It is a short course that takes hardly 2 weeks to complete. You can admit your child under this course just to give him or her an overview of the proper format of a real eleven plus exam. Different subjects, topics and sample tests of 11 Plus Maths Test are quickly covered under this course. This is a perfect program for kids, who could not spare time to go to tuition centres due to their busy schooling schedules. If your child is wise and intelligent enough, then this short-term course can prove to be an added boon for him or her.
Now, all you need to do is to look for 11 plus tuition centre. So, find it today. Good Luck!!!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sample 11 Plus Exam Papers – To Help Your Child During 11 Plus Exams Preparation

11 plus Exams

Are these a huge nightmare for your child?

If yes, then we have a perfect solution for you, i.e. sample 11 plus exam papers.

These are a set of previously conducted eleven plus exams that are distributed online for reference purposes. You can download these sample papers and take an overview of those in order to understand the basic format and type of questions that are asked during main 11 plus examination.

11 plus exams
Taking reference of these papers tends to be beneficial in many ways –

  • You can know about the topics that are important and that are not.
  • Referral papers develop confidence in your child for facing main 11 plus exam boldly.
  • Your child can learn about proper time management of different sections of the exam.
As these papers are entirely free of cost, you can download them in as much quantity as you want – the only requirement is a reliable website that facilitates genuine and authenticated study material. Well, if you want to begin searching for such website right now, then there’s a short and simple tip for you –

Look out for websites of 11 plus tuition centers.

As they have long-term business in the same profession, you can get fair amount of study material from them. Now, if you ask that how to find these websites, then the simple answer is – via World Wide Web.
Simply go and Google the online portals of eleven plus tuition centers of your area. Good Luck!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Admit Your Kids in 11 Plus Exams Tuition Center to Vanish Their 11 Plus Maths Test Fear

Exams are like horror movie characters for kids. And, when the matter is especially about 11 Plus Exams,
then it becomes the worst nightmare for them!
Every student has his or her own set of favorite subjects. They boldly face examination for the subjects that they like, but what about the ones that they don’t like?
Do you even know, the largest proportion of kids preparing themselves for 11 plus exams fear from 11 Plus Maths Test. They feel that it is the toughest paper that they can ever undergo. But, the truth is by far different.
We adults have developed minds. We can find simpler ways to solve cumbersome problems, but the scenario is different for children. They need special training and practice to quickly solve mathematical problem.
Being a parent, what you can do to help them out is to find 11 plus tuition center for your child.
In your country itself, you can easily find many such coaching centers that facilitate outstanding 11 plus exams training. They behold a set of copyrighted syllabus and study material to help the pupils in getting good grades in the final paper. Moreover, the set of sample papers and mock tests that they have are a perfect ingredient to help your child in gaining sound knowledge of the types of questions that are asked in main 11 plus exam.
This way, they gain the required confidence to boldly appear in the final 11 plus exam. So, when are you going to find 11 plus coaching center for your child?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

11 Plus Mock Tests – For Getting an Overview of 11 Plus Exam Pattern

Normally, what do you understand by the term – 11 Plus Mock Tests?

In general, if we talk about the term “Mock,” then it is something that is a simulation of something practical.
11 plus exams
11 plus mock test is a fake examination that is similar to the real 11 plus exam. Mainly, its purpose is to prepare the students for 11 plus examination in a better way.

If every candidate appears in these mock tests once in a week, until they sit for the final exam, they can gain a lot of confidence and practice to boldly face the main paper.

Your child can appear in these mock tests by following any one of the following two ways –

  • Through their 11 Plus Tuition Centre – Most of the competent coaching centres have a lot of training material that they provide only to their registered students. So, if you haven’t yet admitted your child in 11 plus tuition centre, then you should do it right away.
  • Through World Wide Web – Over the internet, there are numerous websites that facilitate users with ease of appearing for online mock tests. You can find one such site for your child and can ask him or her to undergo it after regular intervals.
These mock tests are really beneficial for every student, whosoever is soon going to appear for 11 plus examination. Being parents, if you cannot take out time for helping your child in his or her education, then at least find an appropriate tuition centre for them. Only this single step of yours will help your child in many ways.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Where to Download 11 Plus Exam Papers From?

  Gone are the days, when 11 plus exam papers were unpredictable and students used to study day and night to pass them with good grades. On the contrary, trends are completely different these days. There are several 11 plus tuition centres around the globe. And, these institutions prepare the children for the final eleven plus exam that is conducted once or twice in a year. 

11 plus exam papersWeekly timetable is prepared by these centres and classes are conducted according to the scheduled timings. There are numerous courses that are planned according to the variable needs of the students. Some kids join yearly courses to prepare for the final 11 plus exam and some others go with the short-term incentive courses to know about the exam pattern in just two weeks.

The interesting fact is that all these 11 plus coaching centres have their own website. Information about the facilitated courses, timings, on-going courses, upcoming events and other details are showcased on the site itself. Hence, whatever information you want regarding the eleven plus exam, can be fetched from the website itself.

In case you feel that you want to take responsibility of your child’s education and you do not need 11 plus tuition for him or her, then you can download sample 11 plus exam papers from one such website. Most of the coaching centres upload sample papers, so that the parents can download them.

To conclude, we can say that the best and the most reliable source to download 11 plus sample papers is the online website of a reputed coaching centre.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

11 Plus Mock Tests – An Important Part of 11 Plus Tuition

What are 11 Plus Mock Test?
The accurate meaning of the word “Mock” is “something that is fake.”
As far as the word “Mock Tests” is connected with 11 plus exams, we can say that these tests are simulative papers that are quite similar to the actual 11 plus exam. But, their grades are not as valuable as the real eleven plus exam.
Mostly, when you admit your child in 11 plus tuition, then tutors at that centre conduct these tests on weekly basis to monitor performance of a student in class.

Benefits of Mock Tests
Conducting mock tests is not just a part of the tutoring regimen of these coaching centres. In fact, there are a lot of advantages that are obtained in return. A few out of them are as under:

  • Major subjects that need more tutoring can be detected.
  • Performance and actual understanding of the student about different subjects can be judged.
  • Students can get self-assurance for facing 11 plus exams more confidently.
  • It can be predicted that after how long the child could actually appear for real 11 plus exam.
  • Parents can be informed about the performance of the child. This way, the institutions can justify their efforts too. Also, if the parents will have weekly results of their child’s progress, they will not complaint to the tuition centre that they didn’t do their job well.

As you can see, these tests are really very beneficial from individual aspects of a student, tutor and parents of the child. But, only a few 11 plus tuition centres conduct these papers. In order to make sure that you hire a best tutor for your child, search promising tuition centres of your area.