Wednesday, 14 August 2013

2 Weeks Intensive Course for 11 Plus Exams Preparation

In England, 11 Plus Exams are considered the most important exams of a student’s life. Kids in year 6 of
their school undergo this exam in order to become eligible for getting admission in a good grammar school. As the pupils of age 10 or 11 appear for this exam, this is why; it is known as eleven plus exam.

If your child is due to undergo this paper in the nearby future, then you should right now begin looking for 11 plus tuition centres in your city. To find those, you can take assistance of the World Wide Web. Different course that can be opted are –

  • Foundation Course – It is of nine or ten month duration and begins quite early than the actual exam date.
  • Intensive Course – It is a short course that takes hardly 2 weeks to complete. You can admit your child under this course just to give him or her an overview of the proper format of a real eleven plus exam. Different subjects, topics and sample tests of 11 Plus Maths Test are quickly covered under this course. This is a perfect program for kids, who could not spare time to go to tuition centres due to their busy schooling schedules. If your child is wise and intelligent enough, then this short-term course can prove to be an added boon for him or her.
Now, all you need to do is to look for 11 plus tuition centre. So, find it today. Good Luck!!!