Thursday, 11 July 2013

11 Plus Mock Tests – An Important Part of 11 Plus Tuition

What are 11 Plus Mock Test?
The accurate meaning of the word “Mock” is “something that is fake.”
As far as the word “Mock Tests” is connected with 11 plus exams, we can say that these tests are simulative papers that are quite similar to the actual 11 plus exam. But, their grades are not as valuable as the real eleven plus exam.
Mostly, when you admit your child in 11 plus tuition, then tutors at that centre conduct these tests on weekly basis to monitor performance of a student in class.

Benefits of Mock Tests
Conducting mock tests is not just a part of the tutoring regimen of these coaching centres. In fact, there are a lot of advantages that are obtained in return. A few out of them are as under:

  • Major subjects that need more tutoring can be detected.
  • Performance and actual understanding of the student about different subjects can be judged.
  • Students can get self-assurance for facing 11 plus exams more confidently.
  • It can be predicted that after how long the child could actually appear for real 11 plus exam.
  • Parents can be informed about the performance of the child. This way, the institutions can justify their efforts too. Also, if the parents will have weekly results of their child’s progress, they will not complaint to the tuition centre that they didn’t do their job well.

As you can see, these tests are really very beneficial from individual aspects of a student, tutor and parents of the child. But, only a few 11 plus tuition centres conduct these papers. In order to make sure that you hire a best tutor for your child, search promising tuition centres of your area.