Thursday, 30 May 2013

Time Table of a Reputed 11 Plus Exam Papers Coaching Centre

At this moment, if you are reading this particular piece of article, then it is pretty much sure that you have a school going kid in your house and you are looking for suitable 11 Plus Exam Papers coaching centre for him or her. Well, if that is the case, then let me just tell you that you need not panic much. Simply log on to Google and find out all the available training centres in your area.
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Side by side, track their course duration, cost and timing. In my opinion, as far as I have seen, most of these institutes follow the following timetable:

September – February

Several new strategies and techniques are taught to the students after going through the syllabus thoroughly. Alongside, everyday homework is given to the pupils so that they practice the taught material in a perfect manner. After almost every 4-5 weeks, mini tests are conducted so as to analyze the skills of the students.

March – July

Several tests based on Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning questions are conducted so as to train the students for every possible set of issue. Marks obtained by each and every student are recorded and monitored by the tutors. In the end, weekly performance report of the pupil is sent to his or her house so that their parents can get to know about how well their child is performing.
During this time period, a lot of sample papers are facilitated to the student so that he or she can practice as many questions as possible at home. Once your child finishes the course successfully, he or she becomes proficient enough to tackle all kinds of 11 Plus Exams